How much time can I expect to save with Virtual Time+Expense?
Virtual Time+Expense can reduce processing times and related labor costs by up to 90% as compared to manual processes. In addition to eliminating manual calculations and redundant data entry, Virtual Time+Expense saves time by replacing the handling, tracking and filing requirements inherent in paper-based processes.

Get on board with Virtual Time+Expense today and reap the benefits!
How much does Virtual Time+Expense cost?
SpringAhead costs $50 per month plus $5 for each license over 10. Time and expense licenses are sold separately. Approvers, administrators and other users who access the system but do not submit time or expenses are free. User licenses beyond 10 users are sold in blocks of 5.

No long-term commitment is required. You may cancel the service at any time.
How long will it take to implement Virtual Time+Expense?
Virtual Time+Expense is fast and easy to setup. The application is hosted on our servers and will not require any hardware infrastructure or configuration on your side. The VTSync engine dramatically reduces data entry by importing key fields from your existing system(s). Accordingly, most customers are able to take advantage of all of the benefits of Virtual Time+Expense within one or two pay/invoice cycles.
What versions of QuickBooks are supported?
Virtual Time+Expense is compatible with all Windows versions of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Online. Virtual Time+Expense is also compatible with all international versions of QuickBooks (Canada, United Kingdom and United States).
Will Virtual Time+Expense work on both Mac and PC platforms?
Yes. Virtual Time+Expense works on any platform with a browser and internet connection.
Is my data secure?
Yes. Virtual Time+Expense takes advantage of the latest security and backup technologies to keep your data extremely secure. This includes firewall protection, SSL data encryption and real-time data mirroring.
Can I disable time, expense or other features?
Yes. Although Virtual Time+Expense is sold as a bundle, both major and minor features can be disabled. For example, Time or Expense functionality can be turned off by the administrator. Further, any or all of the invoice, timecard, payroll and expense reimbursement features may be disabled.

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Virtual Time+Expense is the clear choice! Virtual Time features online time entry and approval, generates accurate, detailed invoices and gross payroll, and has unparalleled integration with QuickBooks and other systems.

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