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Staffing Agencies

Automate your accounting work flow from placement to payroll

Professional Services

Raise your business intelligence with clear project tracking


Government Compliance

Pass your next DCAA audit without breaking a sweat

Accounting Professionals

Help your clients get organized with award-winning integration tools

Time is money for professional service companies. Find out how SpringAhead can help you keep an eye on every penny while saving you dollars on accounting.

With SpringAhead, you gain visibility into all of your hourly revenues, payroll and expense report costs by project. The clear, actionable project tracking data will help your team run a smarter business while the accounting integration tools streamline your back-office operations.

Your team starts by recording their time and expenses online, by project. Each person only sees projects that are relevant to them so data entry is fast and your client list stays private.

Managers then approve timesheets and expense reports for the people and projects they supervise.

Accounting finishes the job by reviewing and exporting the data to the accounting and payroll systems at the touch of a button.

The result is crystal-clear project reporting that you can act on and tremendous accounting savings that puts money back into your pocket. Call us today to get started.