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In your business, you help job seekers get ahead with their careers. At SpringAhead, it’s our business to keep you ahead with your accounting. Discover how to lower your costs and free up your time by automating your time and billing chores.

SpringAhead, starts by pulling placement data from your recruiting software. It sets up the online timesheets and creates accounts for the placement and approving manager. At the same time it creates the company, project, employee and contractor information in your accounting system. This process minimizes the data entry required for new placements.

Next, your team and the client approving managers enter and approve time in SpringAhead’s online system. All of the key time tracking tools, including approval reminders, task tracking and note fields are included.

After approval, you review the data and export it to the accounting and payroll systems. Invoices, checks, bills and more are instantly created saving your team tremendous amounts of time and tedium.

With SpringAhead you’ll be positioned to grow your business quickly, easily and more profitably. Contact us today to learn more.