Powerful Custom Reporting Tool

XpandedReports Integrates With

· QuickBooks only to provide custom reports using QuickBooks data only
· SpringAhead only to provide custom reports using SpringAhead data only
· QuickBooks and SpringAhead to provide custom reports using QuickBooks and SpringAhead data

Major Features

Tiered Commission Calculations
Provides tiered commission calculations using SpringAhead data, QuickBooks data or both.

Enhanced Filtering
Enhanced filtering means you can use And/Or, Wild Cards, Include/Exclude/Contains, Range

Memorized Reports the way YOU want
You can memorize modified reports for future use and re-use with a comprehensive list of all of your reports for all companies. Choose to share reports or not and the reports you create cannot be accidentally changed and someone overwrite your copy. The reports are easier to manage with base report, company and date created/modified.

Easily Switch Between Multiple Views of the Data
Raw data, detail and summary reports are standard so no more creating those reports then adding columns of data or filters to each one individually. Plus you can add new view for different subtotals, grouping, etc. on the same data. And it is easy to export summary and detail reports all at once.

Insert Excel Like formulas in Columns
Both simple and complex formulas can be created and includes Excel type formulas such as concatenate, length, substring, position, if/then, replace, reverse, round, etc. Enhanced formulas specific for QuickBooks data also included such as date difference and split text. Rules for how you pay commission can be "simple math" or complex IF statements.

Insert Charts and Graphs
Using XpandedReports you can add a Chart or Graph to your report with the click of a button. You can make an eye catching Pie Chart, Bar Chart and create a professional Line Graph or Area Chart.

Additional Data for SpringAhead Reports
If QuickBooks is used with SpringAhead, XpandedReports adds QuickBooks information to the reports not available on SpringAhead reports.

All XpandedReports plans include a risk-free 30 day trial, plus free training and orientation. https://xpandedreportsonline.com/signup.jsp

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